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Oh my goodness, I am so happy that I found Dr. Kim for my dentist! I recently had 7 crowns and a bridge done and am overjoyed with the care I received from Dr. Kim and his staff. It is a large procedure and naturally I was scared. Everything was explained to me so I knew what to expect. I was never uncomfortable or in pain. I didn’t even feel the needle! Dr. Kim is extremely skilled! My teeth look amazing and people tell me I look younger than my age. Got to love that. As a former dental assistant, i feel there are good dentists and there are great dentist. Dr. Kim is a great dentist. When I wake up in the morning I smile knowing that I have beautiful teeth. Gone are the days of trying to hide my teeth. I shouldn’t have waited so long. Folks, if you are looking for a dentist…do yourself a favour and phone Dr. Kim.

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S.Ritchie (Peachland)

I went to Dr. Kim to get my wisdom tooth taken out. I was quite nervous about it but Dr Kim was very reassuring and after looking at my X-rays etc he told me it would be so simple I wouldn’t even need anesthesia just freezing. 10 minutes later my tooth was out. Never even felt the needle. Best experience with a dentist I’ve ever had

My experience at Mission Creek Dental was amazing. The first thing I noticed was the staff. They all seemed to be getting along despite being very busy. Their energy was great and made me feel comfortable right away! I was taken into my room by a male who at first I thought was the dentist, to realize he was the dental assistant! Dagen made me feel right at home and knew what my issue was right away! When Dr Kim came in he was very nice and it was reassuring to me to hear the same things come out of his own mouth as his staff. I had an extraction done which healed very well. It was painless and quick! I would recommend this office to anyone! Dr Kim called me later to make sure I was okay! His needle was painless and he was very gentle!

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Thank you Dr. Kim for an excellent job done in removing a molar.