Oversees Dental Work

Having dental work done for less cost in foreign countries, like Mexico, is a risky proposition for any patient, for a number of reasons. In Canada, all practicing dentists must meet particular standards, set about by an independent, national licensing board. These standards are generally regarded to be very high, and test both the clinical and didactic competency of a dentist. Dentists in Canada are required to take courses on a regular basis throughout their career to upgrade and maintain their skills. In countries like Mexico, it is not always a straightforward process for foreign patients to determine the competency and training of a dentist – not all practicing dentists come from accredited universities.

The high standards in dental licensing in Canada carries forward to the level of sterilization and infection control, as well as all materials used, in all dental clinics in Canada. The College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia implements strict guidelines as to the sterilization protocols, techniques, and equipment used in treating patients to minimize the risk of contracting an infectious disease. In countries where it is not always safe to drink the water, would you trust a clinic that uses that same water in all of its dental lines?

But perhaps the most significant consideration in getting work done in a foreign country is who is going to do the follow up care, if something needs an adjustment, if something needs to be modified, or if something outright fails? As is often the case in dentistry, while something may look and feel fine right after the appointment, unless it is maintained, checked and evaluated on a regular basis, problems may not be evident to the patient until it is too late. Furthermore, what sort of recourse do patients have if a situation cannot be resolved? In Canada, patients can go to their provincial dental colleges to resolve disputes and claims. Canadian dentists are also required to carry malpractice insurance, should something go wrong.

In my experience, I have seen all sorts of dental work come back from Mexico, and other countries, some acceptable, some done quite poorly. It is my opinion that when it comes to one’s health, it should not be a matter of getting something done as cheaply as possible -especially if it might require expensive fixes in the future. Your teeth are very important and should be considered a long term investment in your overall health.